Masturbate forever with MATE’s In Finity

Well, maybe not forever… but MATE! There’s a name I haven’t seen in ages. Having made a reputation for themselves through the power of nightmare-inducing lubed up foam cups years ago, MATE’s finally back with something a tad more solid.

Just launched, the In Finity onahole is a fairly simple concept, but one which scientists might have to look back on should people suddenly find themselves falling through rips in space/time as a result of masturbating with it.

In Finity’s internal design is shaped like an infinity symbol. And the girl on the box who looks like a knockoff Hyperdimension Neptunia character? Her name’s Finity.

Get it? You’re in Finity. Infinity. Haha, sex.

But yeah, there really is an infinity symbol inside. Most of it, anyway. Is it a split tunnel that you can go down either way – meeting halfway and crossing over – or do you just smash right through the middle? Either way, it LOOKS like it’d feel pretty damn interesting.

And it’s not made of foam! That’s the most important part.

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