Love Drop’s Convenience Girl will come in handy

If there’s one oddly charming memory you’ll take away from a trip to Japan, it’s just how incredible their convenience stores are. Hell, even the official Japanese slang of calling them ‘conbini’ stores is convenient! Think of all the time you’ll save with making mouth words or typing.

And if you can’t get there, obviously the next best thing is masturbating into an onahole based on a convenience store employee.

Enter Love Drop’s Convenience Girl (literally).

Love Drop is a lovely looking premium dual hole hip weighing in at a handy 2.2kg. That’s almost portable! Both the vagina and anus have been crafted from different material to help capture the feeling better.

And if the girl on the box looks familiar, that’s because Love Drop have jumped on the whole Kantai Collection/Lawson meme which was absurdly popular a few months back.

Search for fanart of Kashima from Kantai Collection, and there’s a good 99.7% chance you’ll see her dressed up as an employee of one of Japan’s biggest convenience store chains – Lawson.

… Who can blame ’em?

Convenience Girl is out now at otonaJP

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