Toy’s Heart introduce ‘Stretch Skin’ material with two new products

It’s not every day Toy’s Heart launch a new type of onahole material – in fact, it’s been several years! Famous for their selection of penis-friendly rubber such as ‘Soft Skin’ and ‘Fine Cross’, the company now has something called ‘Stretch Skin’.

Presumably named due to its increased stretchability, Toy’s Heart also claim Stretch Skin will also help keep lotion from drying out too quick and feels ‘cushion-like’ as it slowly wraps around during use.

The company will release two onaholes next week as an introduction; both Young Proprietress’s Hospitality and The Rutting Bus Guide.

Look, I dunno, Rutting Bus Guide already sounds like a winner based on the name alone.

And of course they’ve got to put this new stretchy wrapping technology to the full test, so here’s a look at the insanely intimidating interiors for both.

Young Proprietress’s Hospitality

The Rutting Bus Guide

Wow! The Rutting Bus Guide looks exactly what I’d expect from having sex with a bus.

It’s exciting stuff either way; can’t wait to try Stretch Skin material out.

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