Has science gone too far with this catgirl blowjob onahole?

In a world where companies are striving for more realistic looking and feeling rubber mouths, Merci’s latest product has taken the oral toy back to one of its more traditional, hands-on roots. Pussy Cat Real is a blowjob onahole which you can manually pump to increase or decrease the amount of … Check out all

Toy’s Heart introduce ‘Stretch Skin’ material with two new products

It’s not every day Toy’s Heart launch a new type of onahole material – in fact, it’s been several years! Famous for their selection of penis-friendly rubber such as ‘Soft Skin’ and ‘Fine Cross’, the company now has something called ‘Stretch Skin’. Presumably named due to its increased stretchability, Toy’s … Check out all

Love Drop’s Convenience Girl will come in handy

If there’s one oddly charming memory you’ll take away from a trip to Japan, it’s just how incredible their convenience stores are. Hell, even the official Japanese slang of calling them ‘conbini’ stores is convenient! Think of all the time you’ll save with making mouth words or typing. And if … Check out all

Smell-o-vision finally becomes (virtual) reality with OhRoma

It’s been joked about and roughly experimented with since the dawn of time, but smell-o-vision is back, and it’s sexier than ever. CamSoda, the company behind an adult cam site (but not soda) has just announced the ‘OhRoma’ device. With the help of a virtual reality headset, users can look … Check out all

Tamatoys is launching a Keijo!!!!!!!! parody onahole

It feels like this took way too long, but the parody masters at Tamatoys have finally jumped on board last season’s top anime butt-battle series Keijo!!!!!!!! Right down to the logo! I’ll stop yelling now. Ah, the ‘ol ‘adjusting swimwear’ pose is such an underappreciated thing. Due to launch next week, Tamatoys’ Ketsujo!!!!! is … Check out all

Love Shoot Hole reminds us that you just need a weird cover to succeed

Each year there are countless onaholes released straight into the depths of Japan’s sex store bargain bins. These products are dirt cheap, usually a slight step above one-time disposables (unless they instantly break) and tend to launch with absolutely no fanfare. Usually you’ll see them using a random model’s photo … Check out all