An overview of the popular Meiki Onahole series

Meiki Onaholes are very popular, so popular that they often even form an extra category at some retailers but what does Meiki actually mean, and what is their difference from other onaholes ? The first Meiki Onaholes where the Meiki no Shoumei ones and they are actually also up to date the only original ones.

To understand that we have to clarify something at first. A Meiki describes a specially nice vagina, tight and in perfect shape. Shoumei means “Proof” so practically all Meiki no Shoumei means that there is a Proof of a nice and perfectly shaped pussy. Over the years NPG, the maker of the original Meiki series released a bunch of Meiki Onaholes which become very popular due to their high quality and often being based on Japanese Porn actresses. So in short we can say that while of course not every Meiki Onahole will be liked by everyone as personal preferences differ, all of them are of high quality and a bit expensive compare others.

But why are they so many Meiki Onaholes these days is a question you might ask yourself. Well, the answer is simple, this is because other companies wanna build on the success of the name Meiki, They are now Meiki fakes from China and Korea and while Korea has some fairly decent onaholes in production, after all other companies are using the word Meiki as it is popular but has not much to do with the original Meiki series NPG established.

It is maybe hard to to distinguish those at first, specially if you are new to onaholes but after all, Meiki is only a word and there is no trademark on it, so everyone can use it as well as everyone can use the word Tight, Pussy or Oppai.

To have some baseline of which Meikis are actually worth buying, we have listed all the Meikis below. At least what most people see as the real Meikis, even thogh there are hundreds of other but remember, Meiki is just a word everyone can use and there is no trademark on it. But enough, check out our list of Meikis below.

Dignity of Meiki (Lower)

dignity_of_meiki_lower dignity_of_meiki_lower_2

Available at: otonaJP

Diginity of Meiki (Upper)


Available at: otonaJP

Meiki 001 Maria Ozawa Onahole

meiki_maria_ozawa meiki_maria_ozawa_3

Available at: otonaJP

Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole

meiki_005_chou_shuu_u meiki_005_chou_shuu_u_5 meiki_005_chou_shuu_u_2

Available at: otonaJP

Meiki 006 Yen Yu Yee Onahole

meiki_006_yen_yu_yee meiki_006_yen_yu_yee_2 meiki_006_yen_yu_yee_8

Available at: otonaJP

Meiki 007 Sarah Onahole

meiki_007_sarah meiki_007_sarah_3 meiki_007_sarah_10

Available at: otonaJP

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