We starting our adventure


Hello everyone !

Japan is a place full of wonders and Magic and erotic adventures. From Hentai Anime/Mangas to Onaholes (which we specially love) or JAV. Many things to discover and enjoy and this is what this little blog is all about.

We do not have a specific schedule or category (this is just a Hobby obviously and we all have work and lifes to follow^^) so in here you will find whatever comes us to mind about Ecchi stuff from Japan but probably onaholes will be covered big. We will test some of them but more than that we also want to inform. We noticed  that many people are not aware of how many new stuff is being released in Japan all the time and so we wanna write about it.

Any ideas or comments ? You are welcome.

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Hi, I am the Masturbation Club Manager. This is actually an official title and i am proud of it. I like Fapping, Hentai, Ecchi in General, panty sniffing, Games, Pizza and Potatoes in every form as well as long walks on the beach and chips with bacon taste.