Tama Toys releasing cute School Slippers for Otokonoko

While so far we haven´t covered anything cosplay related in this blog, we decided to post stuff now about cosplay if we find something interesting, worth mentioning. And now this time has come, Tama Toys, known for crazy Otokonoko stuff has released Japanese School Slippers in red and blue. While the size os relatively small with mentioned as 25 – 27cm its said to fit Men as well as this is pretty much the purpose of Otokonoko.

But what the hell are japanese school slippers actually ?As you might have heard, in Japan on the inside you never wear your street shoes and there are actually separates shoes for using the toilet even, so wearing clean shoes is very important in Japan. Traditionally this is no surprise as in Japan you often sit on the floor on traditional Tatami Mats and you wouldn´t want to make the floor dirty with your shoes if you have to sit on it, right ? Even when know many japanese using western style beds and tables, this tradition still has deep roots in society and thats why for inside School, School Slippers are existing.

Original School Slippers in Japan at their Best
Original School Slippers in Japan at their Best

And now, thanks to Tama Toys we can have School Slippers too. They are even not really expensive and otonaJP already has them so if you are interested in this part of japanese culture or cosplay, be sure to have a look at it. Below you can check some pictures.


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