The world of sexy figures just got sexier!

Kurehito Misaki is releasing a limited time figure soon to hit the perverted shelves for the Neko Lovers out there. Nekoyanagi Misaki, this is honestly one of the most detailed figures I’ve seen to date for the hentai figure enthusiast, just look at it!

Priced around ¥18,260 this is well worth the cash if you are a collector, did I mention its Limited?

Here are the figures details:

  1. 142mm in hight
  2. 1/6 scale
  3. Material PVC

Here are more pictures of the model.

My favorite thing about this figure is honestly the facial expression, you can see the lust in her eyes waiting to mate with her master. Her cute maid outfit makes the figure even better where it parodies those neko based visual novels.

You can buy her here in OtonaJP.

Also Fakku, online adult manga website, has announced a new hentai figure on thier store, Asanagi Original Character called Kurone.

She is planed to be released in September 2018. She is also a 1/6 scaled model made by the company ROCKET BOY. The materials used for her are a bit more heavier than the Neko, ABS/PVC.

Pre orders will close by June 2018 so if you are interested you better get a move on! She will be priced at $180.00.

A butt I can feast on…. yummy.

She needs to punish you.

I am deffenetly looking forward to more hentai figures this year and I’ll be sure to share them all with you guys as soon as they come out!

So which one will you get? Let me know down in the comments!

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  1. I think i’m most interested in that Kurone figure. I love how dominate she looks and the adorable bear in bondage. 🙂

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