NLS Onahole Shop closed down. What to do now ?

Last month it was a shock for everyone. The by far longest existing onahole retailer in Japan that actually ships overseas closed down. From one day to the other, without any further notice. They even added new stuff to their shop just a few days before so whatever happened, must had have a big impact.

We do not want to join into any speculation but I believe that lots of fellow onahole users bought their first onaholes at NLS, so i feel they deserve to be in our hearts. They did a lot for western fans of dirty japanese sex toys.

Looking at the market right now, it seems that my personal favourite otonaJP is not only my preferred store but also pretty much the only reliable source in Japan if it comes to getting onaholes for an affordable price. They have a huge selection, rewards program, daily deals and often discount codes. In many ways I feel that they are really taking the industry to the next step and continuing what NLS started many years ago. Time will tell if other shops will rise. There are alternatives like OnaholesAndMore in Germany for Europe based customers and a few other local stores but to get the whole sweetnes directly from Japan, it seems there is no way around otonaJP at the moment.

At last to say, rest in Peace dear NLS. We had good times and as a young boy back in the days, your shop was like a wonderland to me and it continued to be till the very last day.

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