G Project is going crazy with their newest (third) Niku Man

The idea of the original Niku Man from G Project was to create the experience of being with a Chubby Girl. Niku in Japanese stands for “Meat” or “Meaty” and that is exactly what this girl is. After the huge success the original Niku Man had, we saw the huge Niku Man 2200 which took the ides to a whole new level, basically making it a large Hip.

And now the latest Niku Man, called Nama Niku Man (Raw Niku Man) is out. G project went back for a more moderate price and handy design. Its now even fluffier then it ever was before, in fact its kinda like the Niku Man 2.0 in our opinion.

Below you san see some pictures which are definitely looking very inviting to me ^^

The complete series is available at otonaJP.

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