If I had a type, (Ayano) @yano purple is definitely that definition of “my type of girl”. She debut this month with SOD that showed her in 3 different scenario including a three way! SWEET JESUS!

(1KMHR00039) SOD Create. 126 Min in length.

Look at her she is so cute!

Ayano is only 20 year old of age and was scouted for porn production, she has a very “geeky” style to her as well as “punk” that makes her really stand out from other SOD stars. Her biggest selling point is her innocent face and very small body frame not to mention her beautiful crystal hair with rainbow highlights.

Honestly nothing but the best is expected from SOD and I cant wait to see what other beautiful Japanese women they cast for their AV collection. Here are a few pictures from her AV Debut.


As I finished publishing this, AYANO! needed to clarify that her name wasn’t Yano!

And by fixing it as a reward a kiss from the girl herself <3

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