Lube up your Onaholes with some lovely Mummy’s breast milk

I miss being a baby РThey were some of my greatest times, just laying around pooping myself and drinking breast milk all day…Oh, how I wish life was so easy again.

I was just your average innocent little child before I grew up and became the raging wank fanatic / Onahole connoisseur that I am now, believe it or not. I don’t know what happened.

Anyway, fortunately for me, Tama toys have released a product that can bring me that little bit closer to them good old days. They’ve formulated a lotion that bares a striking resemblance to actual breast milk, in scent, texture and look.

Some nice lactating anime titties on the bottle here. Yum!

If you happen to have an adult suckling fetish (Lactophilia or Milk fetishism are the professional terms, I believe) like myself, and you’re also in need of some more lube to keep your collection of Onaholes slipping and sliding at their peak climax-giving best – Then you may as well try this “Real Mother’s Milk” from Tama Toys.

Coming in a huge 600ml bottle and being the type of lotion that you can use sparingly, this bottle of Mother’s Milk Breast Lotion should last you a long time – Even if you’re continually sticking your cock in pocket pussies as much as I am.

Real Mother’s Milk Lotion is available from our friends at (Buying from our affiliates helps us to keep the Onahole Blog up and running)

Get some Real Mother’s Breast Milk and bring back some breast suckling nostalgia!

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