Mystery onahole From Toys Heart Grab Bag, This might just be one of my favorites!

Rozzy here bringing another dope review for you! Today I will be talking about the mysterious onahole you can get from Toys Heart grab bag. To be honest, I was a bit apprehensive in trying this onahole because of how bland it looks in presentation, but who am I to judge a book by its cover?

The box dose not being anything other than the onahole itself in a sealed bag, however, I do like the art on the box impaling this is a harem parody onahole. The onahole feel very nice in the hand even during fap session, no strain or unpleasant when using it. there is one thing I notice when looking inside the onahole is its massive bumps it has and with it even more frills, making a spiral like sensation while you fap.


I have to say, Toys Heart didn’t disappoint when I used this product it was just instant stimulation from the get go. The feeling you get when fapping is unbelievable from how simple the onahole is in design. the post and pre cum stimulation also felt great. This has been my go to onahole for the past month and Ill keep using it till it eventually stops feeling good or I can find something better. Honestly its good for those fast fap sessions when you just want to let one out.

I give mystery onahole by Toys Heart a 8/10

+ instant stimulation (high)

+ affordable price

– presentation isn’t all that great

I got mine in the Toy’s Heart Grab bag, However it is currently unavailable. Here you can buy it here on OtonaJP

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  1. This sounds great. I like the spiral design inside. That should feel very interesting.
    Wish it was sold separately, outside of the grab bag.

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